Frequently Asked Questions

How did Rosewatta Stone start?

A small group of cube enthusiasts in Nebraska stumbled upon the #GoogleTranslatesMTG hashtag of Julian Knab and The Booze Cube accounts and laughed our butts off. There were only a handful of translated cards at the time, so we decided to create an account that puts out a translated card each day, in the spirit of fellow bot RoboRosewater.

What's the process used to translate the cards?

We've automated the process into a program where we run a card automatically through about a dozen randomly-selected languages, dozens of times, and pick and choose the results we like the best.

What languages do you use?

We pull from all the languages Google Translate offers, and randomly select a handful of languages for the translation chain for each card. We don't keep track of what languages were used; it's information we just don't keep tabs on. Or do we?...

Is this for real? You're not just typing this gibberish, are you?

Yes it's for real, the result is courtesy of Google Translate. Trust us, we're not that clever.